Highfields Users Campaign meeting on Thursday 8th December 2016 at 6pm

Dear Friend / Colleague,

It’s been now well over a year since the city mayor decided to retrospectively terminate Leicester City Council’s (LCC) funding at this Centre.

Over that time, we’ve focussed on continuing to deliver the much needed lifelong learning and community developmental services to the largely disadvantaged local communities in the Highfields area.

However, the detrimental impact of LCC’s withdrawal of 650,000 from services in this area has been a matter we’ve tried to have reconsidered through our local councillors and MP but those approaches were all summarily dismissed by the city mayor.

Hence, Highfields Community Association’s (HCA) Governing Body commissioned Professor Gus John (see Gus John) to undertake a review ‘of Leicester City Council’s relationship with Highfields Community Association, with a particular focus on the period since achieving community governance status in 2010.’ – see attached link to the full report (In Search of Good Faith – Full report)  and the executive summary (In Search of Good Faith – Executive Summary).

Professor John stated in his conclusions:

This has been a review of one major, community based organisation and its relationship with the City Council.  Insofar as it has given rise to a number of serious concerns about the dynamics of that relationship and to matters that have far wider implications for the relationship between people and those whom they elect to represent them, I hope it will be viewed as a ‘case study’ of the elected mayor system in one provincial city’.

The Report was launched at a press conference yesterday and hopefully, you’ll have read the attached Leicester Mercury article, seen the BBC East Midlands Today item which was broadcast last evening or heard the Radio Leicester item on Ben Jackson’s show last night (drag the cursor to 02.26.35 on http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04fpgbs) or Jim Davis and Jo Hayward’s show this morning (drag the cursor to 01.39.03 on (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04fpgfd#play).

In order to share this Report with you, we’ve arranged a Highfields Users Campaign (HUC) meeting on Thursday 8th December 2016 at 6pm to which you are warmly invited. Professor Gus John will be in attendance to speak to his report and to engage in a discussion with us about the next steps.

In order to assist with the arrangements for the meeting, please send us a short reply email to confirm your attendance to info@highfieldscentre.ac.uk

Best wishes,

Priya Thamotheram

Senior Joint Head of Centre


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