Highfields Users Campaign – A further update

Dear Friend / Colleague, 

We hope you’ve had an enjoyable and restful break over the recent holiday period and looking forward to a Healthy and Productive New Year. 

The season of goodwill was not clearly on Mayor Soulsby’s mind, as on our last working day before the break, we received a Section 146 Notice before Forfeiture relating to our lease. 

This most blatant and contrived attack on this Centre is one which we are very confident about overcoming but it seems to demonstrate an increased desperation on the part of the city mayor and his apologists/enablers! 

This continued abuse of the mayoral system is now receiving some national coverage, with Professor Gus John’s report being featured in the Institute of Race Relations website (see here) and with Adam Edwards, our ex-Chair’s blog on ‘Can elected mayors represent the interests of minority groups?’ being featured in the Runnymede Trust website (see here). 

The next meeting of the Highfields Users Campaign Action Group (HUC-AG) will be held here on Tuesday 17th January at 5.30pm and you’re welcome to attend but for seating and catering purposes, please confirm your attendance beforehand. 

Best wishes,


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